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BirdFlu Data Visualiztion/ Circles

Ah, that was a nice little break. Thank you Stacey!

I like this one, even though it didn't make it to the project. While the circles might work well in a static visualization, the animation of them conveys misinformation. The spreading impication when positioned on a map is incorrect. I'll be posting a variation of this, later tonight.


Author: Kristin Henry
Author's comments:
While working on the Bird Flu Data Visualization project, I tried some different thigs out, before settling on the "anchored bar" that is currently used in the project.

Here is an early version of the project, which uses circle size to indicate data values. The problem with this shape, was that it implied geographic spread in a way that isn't really occuring, when animating the dynamic data over time.

The data used in this project was compiled from the World Health Organization, and formatted into a custom XML structure, before being fed into the application and rendered on a world map.

The dark center of each circle represents the number of deaths confirmed by laboratory testing, as reported by the WHO, in that country.

Click the map to restart the animation.

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