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GalxyGoo in Washington DC

I'll be in the Washington DC area next week to give a talk (NASA: Committee for Education & Public Outreach - Calendar).

They've got some amazingly talented people there, and I'm really looking forward to this adventure.

Does anyone know if the cherry trees in DC are currently in bloom? Or a great lunch spot near the Smithsonian?



The cherry trees reached full peak just this past weekend, but are still looking OK. Best place to see them is past the Lincoln memorial. Was crouded as hell last weekend, not sure how it will be this week.

Good lunch spot is inside the Native American museum. I can't recommend their crab/lobster sandwitch, but the soups are good overall.


Cherry blossoms are definitely past peak but the tidal basin is still worth seeing. You can kill two birds (see the trees, eat lunch) with one stone by going to Café MoZU @ the Mandarin Oriental. It's maybe 10 or 15 minutes on foot from the Air and Space Museum.

1001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20004

It's not "on" the mall but its close and the food is fantastic