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Back from FITC

Wow! What a conference!

Yes, the sessions were good, but it's really the people who make a conference. It was great to meet up with old friends, and to make wonderful new friends....just too many to list in a blog post. Two new and very dear friends (Mario and Alexandra) were so much fun throughout the conference. It was all such a whirl-wind that I didn't get to spend enough time with lots of people, especially Stacey and Ann-Marie. Robert, Keith, Aral, Simon...the list goes on and on. Really great people.

I had to tend to business as well, and may have a new sponsor for GalaxyGoo. I also got some good advice on the book-writing front, including the possibility of developing courses or workshops.

Even on the flight home, the conversations continued. Paul Ortchanian and I talked for a good portion of the flight. He's now based in San Francisco, but we'd never met before.

I can hardly wait for the next FITC.


Hi Kristin,

What a great site. I love people dedicated in sciences and the 2003 martahon files are the best coding I have seen for a while. Great site, Nice to know you are in SF, It was great meetny you at FITC.

Hey Paul! Thanks! We try :-)

I really enjoyed meeting you at FITC, and talking on the flight back from Toronto. We'll have to meet up, here in town.