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Back From DC Area

While I didn't have time to visit the Air and Space museum, I did get to visit the Lincoln memorial and walk around some of the monuments on Tuesday night.

The talk went ok, but it was in a very big room with few people in it. As a speaker, this is an uncomfortable setting. It's difficult to connect with an audience that is so spread out.

The fun part, for me, was after the talk when I got to see how some of the NASA images are prepared. I also had an expansion of my mental model of data. In my experience, both in scientific research and database programming, data comes in discrete packets or data points and text fields. To me, data is fluid and can travel from container to container. As with water, the data can take the shape of the container that holds it. With the satellite data I was shown, however, the visual image is a representation of a very large set of data points. I still think the NASA data is fluid, it just needs much bigger containers than most of the data I usually work with.

Next stop: Toronto for FITC