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Seeking Myth Busters

Celebrities help non-profits raise money all the time, and celebrity benefit events can be very successful and a lot of fun. At GalaxyGoo we've tossed around ideas on what celebrities would be a good fit. Top of the list has got to be the stars of MythBusters.

I think it would be just fantastic if the cast would do some kind of demonstration for a live audience, or even mingle through work-groups doing an activity. Basically, it would be a celebrity laboratory session, with a short talk/demonstration followed by a hands-on activity.

I see Adam Savage around town all the time, but it just wouldn't be neighborly to bother him when he's "off duty". I've tried using the contact form on their website, but haven't had a response yet. If you're connected with the show or can help arrange contact, I'd very much appreciate your assistance. You can contact me through postal mail or our online contact form.


Penn Gillete ( of Penn & Teller ) would be great for this kind of thing, and GalaxyGoo is right up his sleeve ( pun intended ).

There is contact info on the Penn & Teller website.

Good Luck.

Thanks Gus! That's a fantastic idea. I've just sent them an email.