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MythBuster Sighting

This time it was Jamie, from the MythBusters, at a Japanese restaurant. Again, it didn't seem neighborly to intrude so I did not speak with him. After all, he just wanted to relax and have a nice dinner. With my seat facing his, I couldn't avoid looking in his direction, but I really did try not to stare. This was challenging, when what I really wanted to do was to introduce myself and ask him who I should talk to about formally requesting that he and Adam be the guest stars of a celebrity benefit event. My dinner companions did a very good job of distracting me, though. Especially my two year old daughter, who sat on my lap through most of the meal and sampled from any plate within her reach.

So, why am I posting about a celebrity sighting? It's not exactly on-topic for us. However, the MythBusters would be perfect for a celebrity benefit event for GalaxyGoo, and they are local. This is a long shot, but maybe their publicist or someone associated with the show will notice and get in contact with us.