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Does academic boredom lead to drop-outs?

A study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation finds that most dropouts leave school due to boredom and lack of encouragement. It seems so strange to me that all schools don't challenge and support their students, but an awful lot of highschools fail to give their students either.

One way to provide challenge and support is through project-based learning. But my understanding is that project-based curriculum is dificult to get funding for (not to mention dificult to integrate into a curriculum that "teaches to the test").

So, as a result of this study, will we start seeing better academic programs? Will there be funding for project-based programs that engage the student in an integrated academic setting in all schools?


Of course not.
Despite of what they TALK, the academic enviroment is made for the interest of the teachers, not for the students.

As a multi-degree, multi-university dropout I fully agree with the finding.
I must admit in my case, I went back as a mature age student and found it hard to come from a cutting-edge technology field and sit through academic thinking years out of date, presented by lecturers without any real-world experience.

The least they could have done was to use Breeze for their lectures so that I could watch at my convenience.


Having worked with kids on the fringe of education in schools in the UK, I am inclined to agree - most schools here are more worried about hitting their targets because our government has a stupid desire to make everything measurable on test results and inspections - all the stuff that is slightly outside the curriculum here often gets axed. This is why I end up working with perfectly normal and f***ing talented kids who are fall by the wayside in normal school activities. However, I have had the pleasure of working on some creative projects with school that challenges the approach that teachers & kids take to lessons, but this is the exception, not the norm. Ha, I used to get so bored in school, I used to get into trouble just because it was more challenging to try and do something "naughty" and see if I could blag my way out of trouble and whether the teacher actually noticed...