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March 30, 2006

Mythbusters at a High School Benefit

Looks like I'm not the only one to think that the Mythbusters would be fantastic guests at a benefit event: Unofficial Mythbusters

MythBuster Sighting

This time it was Jamie, from the MythBusters, at a Japanese restaurant. Again, it didn't seem neighborly to intrude so I did not speak with him. After all, he just wanted to relax and have a nice dinner. With my seat facing his, I couldn't avoid looking in his direction, but I really did try not to stare. This was challenging, when what I really wanted to do was to introduce myself and ask him who I should talk to about formally requesting that he and Adam be the guest stars of a celebrity benefit event. My dinner companions did a very good job of distracting me, though. Especially my two year old daughter, who sat on my lap through most of the meal and sampled from any plate within her reach.

So, why am I posting about a celebrity sighting? It's not exactly on-topic for us. However, the MythBusters would be perfect for a celebrity benefit event for GalaxyGoo, and they are local. This is a long shot, but maybe their publicist or someone associated with the show will notice and get in contact with us.

March 27, 2006

Job Opening at Red Hill Studios

Marc Tanenbaum, from Red Hill Studios, recently asked if I knew any Flash coders who are currently available. If you are interested in this position, please use the contact address at the end of this post.

Red Hill Studios is an educational interactive media developer for consumer, classroom, online, and museum markets. Although we operate in a fast-paced environment and strive to do the best work possible, we feel it is important to have fun along the way.

Position: Flash Programmer

Responsibilities: Design code architecture and perform programming of Flash applications and games. Develop procedures and templates for educational activity creation. Implement all interactive components working closely with other members of the production and programming teams. We are looking for a motivated, creative person to assist in our development efforts to create new projects of all kinds.

* 3+ years experience with Flash programming (including a demonstrated understanding of AS2)
* In-depth knowledge of web development including HTML, JavaScript and XML
* Strong object-oriented development skills
* Ability to write clean, well documented code
* Ability to create and maintain clean file structure, using established conventions and procedures (and perhaps developing some new ones along the way)
* Ability to work with a large amount of content and create procedures to manage it efficiently

Other useful knowledge/applications/abilities:
* Perl, PHP, CSS
* VB, C++, or other programming languages
* Databases (MySQL, FileMaker)
* Director & Lingo
* Photoshop (and a general understanding of graphics formats)
* Dreamweaver
* Video development
* Serial port interaction
* 3rd party Flash apps (Sorenson Squeeze, Swift 3D, Zinc, Zoomify, etc)

This position involves significant interaction with Red Hill Studios staff therefore working on-site will be required.

To apply for this job please submit a resume and cover letter to programmer at redhillstudios dot com.

March 22, 2006

color-challenged in Flash: Part 3

Over the years, I've informally explored the issue of color-challegned users in Flash. Some of my recent explorations have turned up these links:

And here is a book I'd like to pick up:

Color Science: Concepts and Methods, Quantitative Data and Formulae
(Wiley Series in Pure & Applied Optics)

March 15, 2006

Update your Flash Player to fix Security Vulnerabilities

For those of you that don't follow the Flash blogs, this may be news to you. A vulnerability in the Flash player has been discovered, but Adobe already has a fix for you to download. This is a security vulnerability, so make sure to take care of this, and download the update right away. Macromedia - APSB06-03: Flash Player Update to Address Security Vulnerabilities

March 10, 2006

Does academic boredom lead to drop-outs?

A study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation finds that most dropouts leave school due to boredom and lack of encouragement. It seems so strange to me that all schools don't challenge and support their students, but an awful lot of highschools fail to give their students either.

One way to provide challenge and support is through project-based learning. But my understanding is that project-based curriculum is dificult to get funding for (not to mention dificult to integrate into a curriculum that "teaches to the test").

So, as a result of this study, will we start seeing better academic programs? Will there be funding for project-based programs that engage the student in an integrated academic setting in all schools?

March 09, 2006

Seeking Myth Busters

Celebrities help non-profits raise money all the time, and celebrity benefit events can be very successful and a lot of fun. At GalaxyGoo we've tossed around ideas on what celebrities would be a good fit. Top of the list has got to be the stars of MythBusters.

I think it would be just fantastic if the cast would do some kind of demonstration for a live audience, or even mingle through work-groups doing an activity. Basically, it would be a celebrity laboratory session, with a short talk/demonstration followed by a hands-on activity.

I see Adam Savage around town all the time, but it just wouldn't be neighborly to bother him when he's "off duty". I've tried using the contact form on their website, but haven't had a response yet. If you're connected with the show or can help arrange contact, I'd very much appreciate your assistance. You can contact me through postal mail or our online contact form.