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And the name of the book is...

Special Edition Using Macromedia Studio 8, by Sean Nicholson. I'm amazed that I only now remembered to post the title. While my name isn't on the front cover, it is printed just below Sean's on the title page, and on the back cover :-) Sean was also very kind, and mentioned me in his acknowledgements.

There's a possibility that the publisher will post one of my chapters online. I'm still not sure which one to ask for, though. The chapters I'm considering are "Introduction to Action Script", "ActionScripting for Motion Graphics", and "Introduction to Class-based Programming in Flash". I'm leaning toward "Introduction to Class-based Programming in Flash". Let me know if you have thoughts on which would be most useful to the Flash community. By the way, the files for the tutorial chapter (building an XML-based slide show) can be downloaded on the publisher's page for the book. Look for "The example files developed for Chapter 16".

Since I was a "contributing author" and not "co-author", I didn't get to write any acknowledgements for the book. So, I'd like to do a little of that here. First of all, I need to thank my husband and children for putting up with me while writing the chapters, and for being so supportive and understanding...and for eating so many take-out dinners. MD Dundon was my tech editor, and I couldn't have gotten through it with out her. There were something like 7 editors on this book, and MD really helped me figure things out, when I'd get confused. Frances Segal, my intern at the time, was wonderfully patient with me and the crazy schedule.

Writing the Flash chapters of this book was an amazing learning experience. I had to start at the very beginning, and give the reader a footing in drawing on the stage with the toolbox and frame-by-frame animations and tweening. From there, the reader works from simple ActionScripting to working with external data and then Class-based coding. And of course, we had to fit in audio and video. I especially enjoyed writing about the new Flash 8 video encoder and the FLVPlayback component. Cool stuff! There wasn't a lot of room to cover things in as much detail as I'd have liked to. Everything had to be boiled down to their simplest essence. I also didn't get to spend much time on the new features in Flash8, although I did slip in a coded filter for the tutorial on coding a slide show.

Do I plan to write another book? Yes! In fact, I'm looking for the right publisher for my next book. It's much more fun to write a book at one's own pace than under tight deadlines. :-)


if you need a technical editor....... i've got your back yo!

Class-based gets my vote for sure