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The event--first impressions

I just got home from the Art Intersect Science event, and I want to write down some of my initial reflections on the event.

First of all, I have to give applause to the artists who made the whole show. Without their genius and generosity none of this would be possible.

Next item: the music was perfect! Wendy De Rosa gave the perfect performance--not quite background, but not dominating the experience. She enriched the whole event. Her performance was so perfect that people upstairs were surprised to know that it was a live performance and came downstairs when they realized it was live... when she spoke between songs.

The food! Oh my goodness! The appetizers from the Ritz-Carlton disappeared before I had a chance to make my way over to the table. I heard that they were very, very, tasty, but they were gone before I could taste any of them. I was very busy and couldn't get there for almost two hours into the event. The Westin St. Francis and the 24th Street Cheese Company both provided ample platters of tasty treats, which I did get to taste. Yum, yum, yum! The plate from the Cheese company had these yummy spicy olives on it. I'll have to ask them what they were, because I can't recall tasting them before, and they were just fantastic!

Perhaps I have saved the best for last: the art! It was wonderful to see people with the art. I've been amazed by the pieces as they came in, one by one. Seeing them all together, hung in the gallery, was an altogether different experience. I saw myself as a curator for the first time. It has been an honor to be the central organizing point, that these amazing artists contributed their works to. If I could, I would keep all of the art for myself. Every piece is remarkable.

My favorite part of the whole night, was when I got the chance to go around the gallery with a guest and explain why I thought each piece was brilliant. After some discussion, I've decided to write up these thoughts. Over the next several weeks I will try to write about as many of the art works as time permits.