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New version of The Cell

We've just uploaded a new version of The Cell: A Learning Tool.

This version includes a feature that lets the user build a cell from a selection of organelles, and checks if the correct organelles have been placed in the cytoplasm.

We've also included questions in the quiz that are more cognitive based.

We still need to add better logic to the quiz, so that the same question isn't repeated and the quiz responds to the user's learning needs.


I really like the build-a-cell quiz, from a pedagogical standpoint it feels solid. Well done.

Thanks, Patrick. It was in the plans, all along. But until now, development was constrained by Frances' classwork requirements. With the build-a-cell feature, I was able to just create it :-)

The whole project has been intgrated into Frances' classwork and Master's thesis in instructional design. One of the major challenges was dealing with scheduling issues...when we could synchronize our work-loads and meet external deadlines.