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Dee Breger, Director of Microscopy at Drexel University, sent me some great images to help promote the auction of the Guided Session with a Scanning Electron Microscope that she donated to Art Intersect Science.

Please note that these images are protected by copyright and may not be used for any purpose without written permission from Breger.

The first is a micrograph of a fossil Antarctic radiolarian, "siliceous shell of a one-celled animal from the sediments of the Ross Sea near Antarctica."
Fossil Antarctic Radiolarian

Multiphase Micromineral: This tiny microscape was formed by three lead-silicate minerals from Franklin NJ, the site of more minerals than are known anywhere else on earth. The oldest Franklin minerals date back one billion years. Micromineral

And finally, a photograph of the "camera" itself--the scanning electron microscope. Yes, that whole thing is the microscope. Photo by T. Baker.
Scanning Electron Microscope