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Finally finished the book

Just now, I sent in my last rewrites on several chapters I've been working on for a book on Macromedia's studio 8. After all this work, it's a bummer that my name won't be on the cover, but at least I've gained a great deal of experience in writing about Flash. I had to cover everything from "this is the Selection tool" to writing class based code in Action Script.

I've also come out of this with the firm knowledge that, at heart, I am a coder not a designer. The chapters I had the most fun writing, were the ones on code.

What's next? I'd like to write a book on developing educational applications with Flash. I thought I had a deal all set up, but they unexpectedly gave the book to another author. So...I'm in the market for a publisher.


hi galaxygoo haven't chat for a long time after the closure of bit-101 forum

it's cool you write a book. what is the publisher of your book?

i've also written some chapters in a chinese flash book on actioncsript examples. go to my blog and have a look :)

Yeah, I miss the bit-101 forums a lot. It would be nice to see that group regather again.

The book is published by QUE, a Pearson company. It's called Using Macromedia Studio 8. I'll put a link up so that anyone interested can have part of the purchase price go to GalaxyGoo.

I wish I could read Chinese, because I bet your chapters are amazing.

Hi Kristen,

I recently discovered your work while visiting the Math Tools forum. I spent the next two weeks reading everything I could on your site. It's the best blog and website I've seen in a while. I'm looking forward to learning more.

Sorry you didn't get the book deal but I'm very interested in knowing who did get it. I've been waiting so long for a book that connects Flash with educational applications. Could you please share what you know about it?