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October 31, 2005

Online Bidding for Art Intersect Science now live

Just uploaded some updates to the Art Intersect Science event pages. This includes links to the online bidding service that will be handling the bids for the auction.

Additionally, because we were able to find some great sponsors for the event, admission is free. Please note that Lucid Gallery is a 21-and-over venue. Catering is being donated by The Ritz-Carlton, the Westin St. Francis, and the 24th Street Cheese Company.

A few more pieces are expected to arrive this week. Anne-Marie Pochat brought her piece all the way from France, and delivered it in person today. She will be attending the event on the 10th.

Happy Halloween!


I was going to make something spooky with Flash, but spent the day carving pumpkins with my family instead. No photoshopping of this image at all, except for adding the text.

October 28, 2005

Wendy De Rosa plays at Art Intersect Science event

We're excited to have Wendy De Rosa performing at the Art Intersect Science event on November 10th.

Wendy's songs are beat driven, and her timber voice soars melodies over her rhythmic guitar playing. Wendy conveys an uplifting healing sound through her performance.

Savvy, strong, independent, full of life and inspiration, are the messages conveyed in the groove based, jazzy soul-folk music of Wendy De Rosa. She finds that catchy melody, creates that hook, and then you find you're singing it all day long. Wendy is based in the Bay Area as a musician and an energy healer, and has performed and given healing workshops all over the country. She has shared the stage with artists such as Merl Saunders, Melissa Ferrick, Digital Underground and more. She just returned from recording at the famous Sound Emporium Studio in Nashville and exciting things are in the works! This year Wendy also released a meditation CD called "Grounding Meditaion" you can find it and her 2003 release "Glow" online at www.cdbaby.com and www.wendyderosa.com. Catch Wendy's acoustic performance a the Galaxy Goo benefit at Lucid on Nov 10!

October 23, 2005

Finally finished the book

Just now, I sent in my last rewrites on several chapters I've been working on for a book on Macromedia's studio 8. After all this work, it's a bummer that my name won't be on the cover, but at least I've gained a great deal of experience in writing about Flash. I had to cover everything from "this is the Selection tool" to writing class based code in Action Script.

I've also come out of this with the firm knowledge that, at heart, I am a coder not a designer. The chapters I had the most fun writing, were the ones on code.

What's next? I'd like to write a book on developing educational applications with Flash. I thought I had a deal all set up, but they unexpectedly gave the book to another author. So...I'm in the market for a publisher.

October 21, 2005

GalaxyGoo at the Noe Valley Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 22---that's tomorrow---we're staffing a community outreach booth at the Noe Valley Harvest Festival.

So, if you're going to be in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, be sure to stop by our booth and say hello. We'll be selling tickets to the Art Intersect Science benefit event, and even have some neat thank you gifts for donotations. Thank you gifts include pixel blocks sets and Astro-Logix glow in the dark construction toys.

We just picked up the posterettes and postcards for Art Intersect Science 2005, and they look pretty good. Working in digital media, I so rarely get to see my works in tangible form. We'll have some of the posterettes and postcards at our booth tomorrow.

October 14, 2005

Bid on a Session with a Scanning Electron Microscope

Have you ever wondered how images of microscopic structures (like pollen) are created? Or how to use a scanning electron microscope? Well, now's your chance, as an exciting item in the Art Intersect Science auction.

Internationally acclaimed photomicrographer Dee Breger offers an hour's demonstration of a top-of-the-line scanning electron microscope (SEM) at Drexel University's Materials Characterization Facility in Philadelphia PA, including basic hands-on operation on a sample of choice by the successful bidder, at a mutually convenient day and time. Breger is Director of Microscopy at Drexel, a university that is renowned for its College of Engineering. The SEM session will also result in at least one micrograph of the sample as a Tiff file saved to CD.

Details on how to bid on this and other items in the auction will be posted soon.

The Bioperl Project

For those interested in bioinformatics and programming, there are several exciting projects going on that are interested to keep an eye out on or maybe even get involved with. One of the oldest ones is The Bioperl Project.

From their site:
'Officially organized in 1995 and existing informally for several years prior, The Bioperl Project is an international association of developers of open source Perl tools for bioinformatics, genomics and life science research.

Facilitated by the Open Bioinformatics Foundation we work closely with our friends and colleagues across many projects including biojava.org, biopython.org, DAS, bioruby.org, EnsEMBL and EMBOSS.

The Bioperl server provides an online resource for modules, scripts, and web links for developers of Perl-based software for life science research. We can also provide web, FTP and CVS space for individuals and organizations wishing to distribute or otherwise make freely available standalone scripts & code. '

October 11, 2005

Art Show listed on Upcoming.org

I've posted an announcement about Art Intersect Science on upcoming.org, and already there are a couple of people "watching" the event. Ok, call me a geek, but I think that's cool.

Upcoming.org: Art Intersect Science: Art Show and Benefit Event at Lucid (Thursday, November 10, 2005)

October 10, 2005

Guinness and evolution

Well, the Guinness company certainly has an amusing take on evolution...'boards - Screening Room

~via my sister :-)

October 04, 2005

Slide Show for Art Intersect Science

We've put up a simple slide show on the Art Intersect Science pages. It makes simple use of one of the new filters in Flash 8, the drop shadow.

As the art comes in, and we get them processed and digital images prepared, the slide show will be updated. Ah, the joy of XML! :-)

The Art of Science: Art Auction Benefit Event 2005. The Art

By the way, a version of this slide show is covered in a book I've been working on.