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Art Intersect Science Press Release

*** For Immediate Release ***

GalaxyGoo Auctions Art for Science Education
Artists rally to support math and science education non-profit

San Francisco � September 30, 2005 - On Thursday evening, November 10, over thirty artists and scientists from around the world offer important works of art and stunning scientific images for auction, to support the math and science education organization GalaxyGoo. The first annual Art Intersect Science art show and benefit event (with silent auction) will be held at Lucid Gallery near Union Square in San Francisco.

GalaxyGoo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to increasing science literacy, and produces the website www.galaxygoo.org. It develops educational software and materials for students and the general public. The GalaxyGoo web site is a public resource, a community center, a collaboration space, and a gallery of experiments in multimedia and online technologies.

�With funding for our schools declining even faster than math and science scores, GalaxyGoo provides an important new resource to help teachers and students� said Kristin Henry, GalaxyGoo founder. �These artists are generously supporting our work by contributing beautiful art that draws its inspiration from science and math. Scientific images can be stunning, and several scientists are also contributing works.�

The art work is exciting and eclectic. The thread that ties these pieces together is a quality of the artists: a curiosity and passion for the beauty in math and science. The Pi Table, by Mike Faruggia, is a circular table hand crafted from steam bent oak, with the irrational number Pi (3.1415�) stamped in a spiral from the middle of the table�s surface to more than 5,000 places. Japanese artist, Akiko Isono contributes a lampwork bead of Satake glass (3cm across) representing a microcosm named �cycle of life under the leaves�. David Goodsell, of the Scripps Research Institute, has donated a fine print of the beautiful, and yet scientifically accurate, watercolor �HIV in Serum�. The show will be on display at Lucid Gallery beginning November 5.

The cause is important. GalaxyGoo develops interactive learning tools, and makes them available for free on the internet at www.galaxygoo.org. Proceeds will support educational projects including those like:

� The Cell Project - designed to reinforce a seventh grade student's standard classroom knowledge with interactive models of animal and plant cells, interactive self-quizzing, and off-screen activities.

� AIDS education - including interactive animation on the molecular biology of an HIV infection, and why HIV is not transmitted by mosquito bites.

� Click-n-Spell with the Elements - provides a fun way to explore the Periodic Table of Elements. In the FlashGoddess online gallery, the game was described as a �novel presentation of the periodic table as a word game. It is surprisingly challenging and satisfying to create words from the elements� symbols.�

Art Intersect Science Facts:
The benefit event, with silent auction, will be held from 7 � 11 p.m., on November 10. Admission is $20.

Free previews begin on November 5. Lucid Gallery is located at 580 Sutter Street, in San Francisco. Dates for the opening of online biding will be announced on the GalaxyGoo website.

For more information please visit: http://www.galaxygoo.org/whoarewe/benefit_2005.html

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