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Jon Stewart, Interviewed by Wired

"What's nice about the Internet is it's egalitarian. It is democratic in the way that it parcels interest." ~ Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, Wired 13.09: Reinventing Television, an Interview with Jon Stewart

My favorite part of the interview is Mr Stewart's answer to the last question, when he says "....At what point do we get saturated enough to say, 'OK, I get it! We can get anything we want at any time! Let's go sit around a large table and eat a meal in silence'..."


John Stewart roxxx... I've not seen enuf of the Daily Show during my visits to the U$ to be able to tell if the Global Edition version of the Daily Show (which we get here in the Netherlands) is better/worse than the U$ version, but yeah, John Stewart roxxx...

The Daily Show is actually one of the only shows I make time to watch. Stewart is just brilliant on the show--the perfect combination of smart and silly.