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Glass Artists Join GalaxyGoo's Art of Science Event

Another two artists have confirmed their participation in GalaxyGoo's Art of Science event. Akiko Isono and Jenny Newtson are remarkably talented artists, and are both featured in the book 1000 Glass Beads: Innovation & Imagination in Contemporary Glass Beadmaking.

Here is the current list of confirmed artists:


You've assembled an impressive and very varied set of artists, Kristin!! Each of these artists are amazing at what they do... My personal fave ATM is Akiko Isono tho, simply cuz those beads are stunning. Wow... Can I say that again? Wow... Can't wait to see what other artists will be confirmed (I'm rooting for one in particular, hehehe)...

Thanks, Edwin. I'm really happy with the list so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow as we move closer to the show.

Yes, Ms Isono's work is stunning...isn't it? The piece she is donating represents an ecosystem under fallen leaves.

As for the artist you're rooting for, I've sent a letter and all we can do is wait. If I find another contact method, I'll try that too :-) For those who are wondering who we're talkign about, it's Rob Gonsalves. Check out his illustrations: http://www.discoverygalleries.com/ArtistGallery.asp?artist_id=23&orig=1

Very impressive list, Kristin!

I wish I could join you for this event. Best of luck though.


Thanks Bo! I wish you could join us too...in a way, though, you might :-) We're looking into holding an online aspect of the auction and event. I'll post more details as they get worked out.