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Cheap Skilled Labor?

I came across this post on Craig's list...wow, I didn't realize private ActionScripting instruction was so cheap ;-) Who can teach me Flash related Action Script?...for $10 per hour


Well it is :(
You make more money babysitting these days...

well in our country(Latvia) most projects pay you about $5-$8 per hour, so i`m not surprised.. if only i lived in sates...

Remember, you get what you pay for. Someone who is charging that and lives in the US, I cant imagine being an expert in AS, let alone knowledgeable enough to teach me anything beyond the basics. And if all you need to learn is the basics, why not just google it for free.

While online training is not "Private" instruction, I'm surprised that trainers haven't effectively used economy of scale. Get a breeze account, a paypal account and train {insert class size here} @ $5-10 per hour. Schedule enough in advance to get a decent turnout.

Wouldn't you pay $5 to $10 to sit through a two hour online class with the ability to ask questions from one of the acknowledged Flash experts? I'm guessing that the blog readership levels of the community provide enough visibility to generate the required traffic. Record the session and then sell access to that after a short time period so as not to diminish the value of taking the class online.