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Ask Permision!

Now, I like to share resources. In fact, I give away much of my work, as part of GalaxyGoo. It's part of our mission as a non-profit organization.

However, I do expect folks to ask permission before republishing our material. Especially if it's material that we asked the original author for permission to publish on our website.

Was it really necessary for these folks to copy and past our content into their webpage? Couldn't they just write a little blurb, and link to the full content on our site? They did, at least, have the courtesy to credit us as the source, and to include our copyright statement ;-)


The Google cache link doesn't work for me, but the direct link to the .doc (link), did...

Like you said, at least they credited you, but it does seem to be awkward, esp considering this is a university and all...

*argh*... href's are filtered out... http://www.brighton.ac.uk/ssm/sympo2005/absform2005.doc
I'll 'preview' first next time :)