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Stumble Upon Math

I recently got 'acquainted' with Stumble Upon, a free tool which gets a random link from a large set of categories at the click of a button. It's way more addictive than it sounds (so don't install it if you have very little time!), and there's a large Math-section.

Here's a small selection of fun Math-sites I 'stumbled upon' in this way (I've not given the website names so you'll get an idea of how this works and how much fun it is, hehe):
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5


any room at the inn?


by the way, I dig what galaxygoo is doing...someday when I grow up and have some free time I'd like to get invovled...having a job and a newborn cuts into free time greatly! :)

Excellent link, Kristin. You are right though - it is addictive...


Douglas--congrats on the new baby! Free time? Is there such a thing ;-) Thanks for commenting, and for paying attention--we're here when you have time :-)

Bo--can't take credit for this one, Edwin made this post :-)