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Skipping the Blogathon

This was a tough decision, but we're going to skip the Blogathon this year. While the last Blogathon was a great experience, several issues tipped the balance against GalaxyGoo participating this year. First of all, we've already got our hands full with the upcoming Art Auction and Benefit event. Secondly, Macromedia has already released a public Beta of the next Flash player. It seemed strange to be putting together a collection of experimental Flash pieces right now.

The last Blogathon was a lot of fun, and I wish this year's participants the best of luck.


Aw, that's too bad - I was looking forward to having an excuse for releasing some new stuff! ^_^

I guess now I'll have to spend time playing with new F8 features, heh.

How about releasing some new stuff in coordination with the Ar Auction Event? If we can get our hands on some big screens, we can have the swf playing at the event...maybe integrate it with a simultaneous online event? Hmmm...this gets me thinking of all kinds of fun ideas :-)

Hrm, that may be interesting. Shoot me an email later (w/out the nospam of course) and we can see if I have anything you'd be interested in for that.