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Flash Reading List

Lately, I'm getting a lot of requests for a recommended book list for folks learning Flash.

Here's a short list of books that I've found useful for ActionScript:

ActionScript The Definitive Guide, by Colin Moock --O'Reilly Publishing
--This is an essential!

Essential Action Script 2.0, by Colin Moock --O'reilly Publishing
--essential for class-based OOP in ActionScript!

Robert Penner's Programming Macromedia Flash MX --McGraw Hill
--This one is great for the new stuff that came with MX, ie the drawing API, and translating math into AS.
--drawback: based on currently outdated syntax and prototype approach

Flash Math Creativity, Tan et al -- friends of Ed
--just wonderful fun!, and you can pick up some good stuff in it too. However, it uses outdated syntax. A new, updated, version of the book is now available.

Are there any books that you'd add to this list?


A few more:

1. Flash Hacks - 100 Industrial Strength Tips& Tools
by Sham Bhangal
O'reilly Publishing

2. Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Game Design Demystified
By Jobe Makar & Ben Winiarczyk
Macromedia Press

The Flash Anthology : Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript is a pretty cool book if you're starting off, loads of real world apps

Honestly, I still think Robin Debruils' online tutorial about OOP in flash (http://www.debreuil.com/docs/ch01_Intro.htm) is such a good read. It may not be "as2" but the principles are there.