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Math Forum's Virtual Tool Fest

Today, I participated in a Feature Event at the Math Forum @ Drexel: Virtual Tool Fest '05. It was a very interesting experience, and I got some great feedback about the All About Ratios and Sine Curve Visualization learning tools from the perspective of teachers in a classroom setting. One point is very clear to me, that we need to develop more thorough documentation on our projects. Activities like this are fantastic, and I want to do them much more often. If we can get sponsorship, I'd like to start hosting breeze sessions.

The transcript of the session is pretty interesting, I think. However, at one point I got distracted and thought Cynthia was asking me about "shockwave flash" instead of "shockwave" and "flash". So, my answer in the transcript is incorrect. Here's an interesting thread on webmasterworld.com on the confusing naming habits.