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I'm a cryolophosaurus, what dinosaur are you?

I spent the day at Natural History Museum of London today, both in person and on their website. On the website I found this cute little app. It's not your run of the mill personality test: what dinosaur are you Apparently, I'm a Cryolophosaurus.

I met up with Edwin, Aral, and Mischa for lunch and a walk about the museum. We wandered through the mammal section, and ended up in a cafe, where we stopped for coffee and talked Flash under the gaze of Darwin.

Well, that's it for my time in London. I'm off to Oxford in the moring.


lol I'm a Giganotosaurus: "a slow moving, social, carnivorous creature".

So does that mean I would befriend my dinner before consuming them?


I'm apparently an Ankylosaurus: Current research suggests that Ankylosaurus was a medium sized independant herbivorous creature of average speed... according to your answers so are you!

So there, even back in the day I was a herbivore... :)