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GalaxyGoo in London --pix added

I made it! At last, I'm in London. It seems like ages have passed since this trip first became a possibility.

Tomorrow, I plan to spend most of the day at the Natural History Museum. On Friday, I head out to Oxford for the conference.

Update: pix from lunch (and coffee) in London


opps, thought I canceled fast enough to change "fro"

my bad =)


Just wanted to say it was totally awesome to meet you and I hope we can do it again soon! Hope your trip to Oxford is/was a huge success! Talk to you soon...

Thanks Edwin! It was really great to finally meet you in person, and I hope that we can meet up again soon.

The conference was amazing! Like no other conference I've ever been to, and I learned so much and met such amazing people. Not only that, but I can find my way from Queens college to the Queens college Chemistry building by myself...with or without the "shortcut" through the Turf.