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Don't Force Patterns

Joe Rinehart has posted a great commentary on Patterns and how to approach them. It's always refreshing to see someone cut through the dogma and hype. Thank you Joe!

clearsoftware.net - joe rinehart on CF and more


Thank *you*, Kristin - it's really cool to get some crossover to a Flash blog!

A lot of the thought behind the post was caused by a recent Erich Gamma interview at http://www.artima.com/lejava/articles/gammadp.html (for speedreaders, I blogged my fav quotes at http://clearsoftware.net/client/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=0E8E1E82-E081-2BAC-691AE95E50978242)


My pleasure, Joe :-)

Some things are just universal. Just as speaking more than one language can increase brain function, so programming in or familiarity with more than one coding language can also improve brain function. ;-)


Sure, design patterns are a very powerful tool. But the risk of over-designing is very high if we just learn how to implement the pattern, and not how we could use a given pattern to solve a problem.

Here is an example ( it's quite ironic ) of what could happen when we implement patterns just for the shake of doing it


Anyway, I guess design patterns are powerful tools that can be easily misused