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Art+Math=X conference

Just came across a beautiful gallery for a conference that's happening right now, the 'Art+Math=X' conference. Participants include Bogdan Soban, Robert Krawczyk, Anne Burns and LunYi Tsai. I believe the piece by Lim Jung Hoon in particular will make Kristin's mouth water :)

From the conference site:
The conference "Art and Math= X," June 2-5, 2005, at the University of Colorado in Boulder encompasses a broad range of fields as they relate to art, mathematics and/or computer technology, including the exploration of the following themes: visualization and computer generated art, pattern and symmetry, geometry in quilting and artistic handicrafts, mathematics of knots and other 3-D objects. Conference participants will share information and discuss common interests, allowing new ideas and partnerships to emerge that can enrich interdisciplinary research and education.


Wow! That looks like an amazing conference. I hope that they hold it again.

Edwin, you're right about that cell piece. Very cool stuff!