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Something so simple ...

I was reading along at Wired News today, and I came across this article on an amazingly simple way to treat and prevent infection. It turns out that super-oxygenated water kills bacteria (I think I knew that somewhere deep in my brain), because their whole cell membranes can be attacked by it. So, if you use such water, you can clean fresh wounds to help them heal AND you can get healing on hard-to-treat open sores, like those seen on diabetics. This company has recently gotten FDA approval to start selling their product in the US "as a medical device for moistening and lubricating of acute and traumatic wounds and burns." Apparently they have come up with a method of bottled stabilized super-oxygenated water so that they shelf life is now longer than a few days.

Just think of all the possibilities!


Wow! What a fantastic way to avoid antibiotic resistance!

I forsee possibilities for some wicked cocktails. wonder if you can make ice cubes from it heh

My usual concern about products like these is that they don't tend to handle viruses. Antibacterial soap, for example, eliminates much bad bacteria but makes you more susceptible to viral infection. This is true for antibacterial soaps, although supposedly not true for this product. According to the article it also kills viruses and spores! The oxygenation effects could help healing in other ways as well.

I wouldn't recommend drinking it though. I'm not buying the "safe for ingestion" claim made in the article and I can't even see that it is anything other than supposition on the part of the writer. There are a lot commensal bacteria in the digestive track that help us digest food. Killing those can give you some, um, temporary gastrointestinal disorders. I like my flora intact. :)

Well, it looks like someone did some research on this in the 80s and 90s. I found the summary of a doctoral thesis that includes the properties mentioned above as well as a number of other therapeutic opportunities. (See http://www.gaiaresearch.co.za/superwater.html .)

Jennifer -- you might like your flora intact now, but think about the possibilities for treating food poisoning! :)

Along those lines, apparently super-oxygenated water is/was a big sport craze -- yet another way to give you a competitive edge. The American Council on Exercise summarizes a study that pretty much debunks that claim. (See http://www.acefitness.org/getfit/waterstudy.aspx .)