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Back from Sedona

Just got back from Sedona, Arizona. Mike Walth, GalaxyGoo's CTO, got married this Thursday (5/5/05 at 5pm), and we flew out for the festivities. Since Phyllis came to the wedding, and we had a quorum, we also held a board meeting. Yes, GalaxyGoo has a very small board of directors. We're a small organization :-)

I managed to take some nice pix of the scenery. Those "red rocks" are awfully pretty. It's amazing what a little iron and oxygen can do for a landscape.

Sedona Arizona landscape

This is the view the guests had durring the ceremony:

View during wedding

The night before we left, they were serving wine and nibbles in the lobby. A man introduced himself to me as the IT guy for the resort. So I promptly gave him a GalaxyGoo brochure. Perhaps he'll pay us a visit here on our website.