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All About Ratios Project Now Onlne

Last night, I uploaded the All About Ratios project to our server. So far, testing is going well, but we could use some more feedback. The focus right now is on function.

For me, the most challenging part of the project was working with internal and externally loaded images as if they came from the same source, and keeping my code readable. Since Flash won't duplicate a movie clip with an externally loaded jpeg, I had to load them repeatedly. But I wanted there to be default images for the exercise, so that the learning tool would work even if it landed in an environment without external resources to load.

I'm going to take a break from the code for a little while, and then come back and look for ways to improve the class structures.

All About Ratios: a learnig tool built with Flash


I like it overall - but when you have more than 6 squares (or circles) it gets difficult to tell how many there are and keep track of them.

I don't know if the expectation is for the student to use pen/paper but doing them in my head I had to go back and reread the question sometimes after I had figured out all the ratios (but only when dealing with larger sets).

Though, to narrow it down a little more - a large set by itself wasn't what was tricky. The tricky part came when there were several large sets of similar size of the same shape.

For instance there was a question that had 5, 7, and 6 squares. quickly identifying the ratio was difficult just becuase I was too busy counting squares and not really focusing on the ratio of squares to circles.

I don't know if it is preferred to use squares as opposed to numbers but in the end it works out the same.

if I showed you
which of the following is different:

you have to do the same calculations you just don't have to worry about trying to count very similar items over and over again. But, if having numbers makes it to easy - I don't know what to do :O)

Good luck with it.

Thanks for the comments, Bill!

Right now, the upper limit is 10 icons on either side of a ratio. If, after some more field testing, it turns out to be too much, we'll scale back to six or so. Another solution is to add difficulty level control for the user.

While we want to generate the exercises quickly, we may not really want the student to be speeding through it. I'll have to check with Cynthia on this, but my impression was that the student would take as long as they wanted or needed to. When in exercise mode, the student can try again if they get the answer wrong. They can also skip to another exercise, if they wish to.

Hmmm...it would be fairly easy to show the numerical representations. In fact, we may develop an algebra project based on the engine for this one. Ah, but that's a future project :-)

There's a link to the original version of this project if you click on Cynthia's name at the bottom of the tool, where it says "by Cynthia Lanius..."