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AAAS response to attack on teaching Science

The most recent episode of anti-evolutionism in Kansas, and other attacks on science education, is troubling and I've tried to write a post about it for some time now. While I'm having trouble finding the right words to address the issue, Alan I. Leshner, CEO, AAAS is very eloquent on the matter. Here's a quote from a recent AAAS newsletter:

The teaching of evolution in U.S. public school science classrooms and the showing of evolution-friendly films in technology centers and museums have come under escalating attack in many U.S. communities. In a broad, quick-response effort to counter this campaign, AAAS has delivered a series of op-ed commentaries, letters, appearances, and high-profile interviews that support science education and defend the scientific method.
Our message is consistent and continual: The science classroom must be dedicated to the teaching of facts—in the case of evolution, based on 150 years of research covering tens of millions of years—to prepare our children for a future of great challenge and hope. Science and religion are not in opposition; many scientists are deeply spiritual and most religious leaders accept evolution. However, the place for discussions of creationism and intelligent design—based on faith—should be churches, temples, religious schools, and perhaps even public schools, but only during nonscience classes.