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New Version of The Cell Learning Tool

A new version of The Cell learning tool is now online. With this version, we've added the plant cell and improved the user interface.

The Cell project is the focus of Frances' internship with GalaxyGoo as well as her Masters' thesis. As part of her Masters' degree in instructional design, she was required to take a class in Flash. We decided to optimize her learning, and developed a prototype for the project as part of her class assignments. So, at this point, the project represents what a beginning Flash student can accomplish (with a little help and pasting in some code).

The project continues. Our working relationship will change as Frances and I work as a team. She'll focus on instructional design and I'll focus on Flash development.

The Cell: A Learning Tool


Good to see the plant cell being added. I've already sent feedback on the cell project and as usual have been very critical. It's good to see you're moving in the right direction. A couple of things that should be top priority:

- stimulate students by providing more info and URLs to related sites on the Internet
- The quiz should probably focus more on 'which organelle does this?' instead of click the organelle
- The quiz should not repeat questions

Hi Patrick,

We definitely appreciate your feedback, since you point out very good issues.

Now that we head into this new phase of development, we'll be focusing more on these issues.

Up till now, this project has been the focus of various classes Frances is taking for her degree. Each class has had it's own requirement and set of deadlines. So time management has also had a big impact on the project.

We are showing what we do, as we do it, in an effort to make the process more transparent. I think it will be interesting to see each archived version in sequence, once the project is complete.

I've forgotten to mention one of the constrainsts we've been working under: Frances has FlashMX, so I've had to write all code so that she can copy and paste it into her version. This has been...interesting ;-)

I'll be developing a more robust quizing engine very soon.

There are links to additional infromation on the internet, in the HTML portion of the project page.


Very educational! There is a problem on the "Jelly Cell" and "Clay Cell" activities - the FlashPapers load at 90 degree angle, and only the top nav bar shows (positioned on the left edge). When you refresh browser, it does load correctly.

Also, will quiz show user's score? Will the plant cell also be used as a quiz eventually?


Thanks Mike!

I've been having all kinds of problems with loading multiple FlashPaper files into a single Flash movie. Still hopeful that I can work it out, though.

Oh yes, the quiz will show the user's score, and the quiz will also be limited to a number of questions. We're also planning multiple types of quizzes, and the plant cell will be integrated into them all. You may be happy to know that we're also planning to include more advanced levels :-)