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Funding the Trip to Oxford

We're looking for ways to help cover the expenses of traveling to Oxford for the conference this summer. I'm hoping that we can raise much more than needed for the trip, so that funds can also be raised for the GalaxyGoo general budget.

One option is to enter the blogathon again, or to hold our own similar event. We can also issue a general request for donations. I could also do some on-site consulting or public speaking in the London and Oxford area, if there is interest. I seem to recall reading somewhere that people can donate their travel miles to non-profit organizations. I'll have to research that, and post an update.


Ah... the Goog's alma mater -- make sure you have a pint in The Eagle & Child, Tolkien and CSS Lewis' old haunt... http://www.google.com/maps?q=eagle+%26+child,+oxford,+uk&ll=51.756800,-1.260300&spn=0.217773,0.467004&hl=en

Thanks for the tip!