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FlashForward Wrap-Up

Even though Flash in the Can was the stellar Flash conference this year, I still had a great time at Flash Forward.

Lunch was a lot of fun! Jared Tarbell took a lot of photos all through the conference. I hope he'll post them online.

My presentation went well, I think. The room was full--a good audience. I had a great time. The only downside was that the display screen was absolutely tiny, as if it were an afterthought to put one in the room, and it was hard to see any of my slides. Aside from that, it went great. And I spoke with a number of people after the session. I'll be posting my notes soon.

I would have taken pictures, but I was so busy talking to people...lots of people! I'm still processing it all.

A lot of people are doing great things with Flash and education. Unfortunately, most of it is password protected. I wonder what could be done to nurture a more open forum for these developers. There was some buzz about pressuring the conference organizers to add an educational application track.

The folks from Making Things were there. What a great group of people! I spent a fair amount of time picking their brains. By the way, is there anyone in the Bay Area who would like to get together and talk about using Flash with Teleo?

On Saturday, with the conference and work completely out of my mind...enjoying the ocean breeze and warm sunshine in the park with my family, I hear someone call my name. I turn around, and there's Ketan Anjaria (from kidbombay.com), waving "hello" from a bench across the field. Very small world :-)


Really enjoyed your session Kristin, it really is an inspiring use of Flash -- keep up the good work!

Thanks Peter! I have to say that I had a great audience, which makes it all the better.