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Flashbelt's Student Feedback Zone

Dave Schroeder, director of Flashbelt, asked me to write a little blurb about the conference and to help out with his publicity. I was going to write a polite note back, saying that I usually don't make posts of that nature. But then, out of curiosity, I went to the website.

That's where I noticed something they call "The Student Zone". Ever more curious, I took a closer look.

Wow! This student zone looks like something that all creative conferences should have. Students can informally show their work to professionals in the field, get feedback, and make contacts that could further their career once they graduate.

This reminds me of an informal poster session, an integral part of any research conference, and something I'd like to see more of at Flash conferences. They usually have both professional and student sections.

Major kudos for the student zone...and next time, invite me to come speak ;-)