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GalaxyGoo Goes to Print

At the beginning, GalaxyGoo was purely an online organization. Over time, we've expanded into the brick-and-mortar world. As part of this growth, we're now developing a printed newsletter.

Now, I can't stand getting newsletters that just take up space on my kitchen counter and eventually end up in the recycling bin without getting read. They just clutter my life, without adding anything to it. A great newsletter--now's that's an entirely different beast. It gets marked up, it's articles get clipped and saved.

Of course, we want to publish the best newsletter we possibly can. Here are some ideas we're tossing around:

  • brain games (puzzles, mathematical recreations...)
  • GalaxyGoo news--info on current projects, new volunteers, etc
  • Upcoming events
  • background information for current topics in science and math (ie: why is everyone worried about avian flu)
  • interviews
  • do-it-yourself science experiments
  • science kit/toy reviews
  • issues in science education
  • reviews of educational tools built with Flash

You can help us develop a great newsletter! Tell us what you'd like to see in a newsletter from GalaxyGoo.


Hey sign me up! : )

I think it would be great if you could mix the funner stuff in with the content, and also mix the real life things in with the abstract science. From your list it looks like it would be bent in that direction aready -- so yeah, things like games/puzzles to make it fun, how science relates to current topics, home science etc. Also it seems to me some parts of science have become 'political', which I think for better or worse has to be bad for science. It would be refreshing to read science about again that focused on the knowledge/experiments and not the agendas...

Oh, and lots of flash stuff, nothing makes hard things more digestable : )

Best of luck with it, looking forward to seeing whay you come up with!

Hey, Robin! Thanks for the feedback!

We definitely need to mix fun with serious :-)

We're starting out with just 4 pages, and the newsletter will be a "premium" gift subscription for contributing members to GalaxyGoo. That's a really broad audience. So, we're considering specialized inserts.