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Flashy Dinner and Happy Hour

Coming to San Francisco for Flash Forward? We've set the time and location for dinner, followed by drinks at a nearby cocktail lounge.

Want to join us for dinner? To ensure enough tables, I need a count by Sunday, April 3rd. After dinner at Esperpento, we'll all walk up the block to the Lone Palm. If you miss dinner, catch up with us at the bar.

Change of plans: Lunch on April 6th instead...stay tuned for details. --updated March 29, 2005


Hey Kristin, I wish I could go but I'm going to FITC this year. Maybe next year I'll be back in San Fran.

Hey Sam, wish you could make it too. Hopefully we'll be the same conferences next year :-)

My presentation this year is much more accessible ;-)

Hey Kristin, I was just coming on here to get your email cause i was going to ask you the same!

I'd love to come, can I bring my (non-geek like me but way into spanish food) fiance?

See you there and at the conference too :o)


See you both on Tuesday :-)

Make sure you send me some pics of your presentation / the conference!