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Flashback to My Very First Animation

Yesterday, I came accross the first animation I ever created. I've just got to share it. Flash? This one's an animated gif. It's supposed to be subtle...a few bubbles come up now and then.

This was back when animated gifs were oh so exciting ;-) At the time, it seemed like everyone was going crazy with blinking graphics, and I wanted something a little less annoying.


Back when I was just getting started with web development, the very first real site I developed (for free as a practice run) was a site for a neuroscience lab at Brandeis University. My first animation was a gif of a neuron perfused with a flourescent dye that illuminated upon Calcium release built from a series of 9 images.


While I was at the University of Colorado, there was a neuroscience professor, Bill Betz, that enjoyed making qutie a web animations for himself and his department.


Some of the more intesting ones are:

I think the first science one I made was the firing neuron.

It's still around: http://www.geocities.com/phyllis_pugh/firneuron1.gif although I think there's a more complete version somewhere (complete as in it has subthreshold and summation in it).

Ahhhhh, the good old days. ;)