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Convoluted Paperwork

Ahhhh, I can take a deep breath now. I've been working on some very important paperwork lately, and just now sent it off in the mail.

Starting up a non-profit organization is a lot of work. In fact, for the first five years the IRS gives you an "advance ruling period". At the end of these five years you're required to demonstrate that you are indeed a publicly supported organization.

Most of the paperwork is fairly straightforward, but a couple of the "questions" are just a bit confusing...to say the least. Here's an example:

"For any amount included in line 3 that was received from each person (other than "disqualified persons"), attach a list showing the name of, and amount received fro each year, that was more than the larger of (1) the amount on line 11 for the year or (2) $5,000. (include in the list organizations as well as individuals.) After computing the difference between the amount received and the larger amount described in (1) or (2), enter the sum of these differences (the excess amounts) for each year."

:-) I had to read through that a few times before I figured out what they wanted.