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PDAs or Cellphones?

Eric Dolecki asks if PDA'a are about to be a thing of the past--are cellphones going to replace them?

If you use them just for contact information, then I'd say yes. But with wifi, and other data transfer methods, becoming widespread I can see more applications being developed for hand-held devices. Unless cellphones start using much larger screens, a PDA will be the way to go for data collection and display.

Hmmm...which is more like a Star Trek device now, a flip-cellphone or a PDA that takes photos, functions as a sketch-pad, has character recognition, and connects to a database via wifi?

Cool tech is the way to keep geeks interested, but what about the mainstream market? If PDAs are going to stick around, and not be replaced by cellphones, some useful applications have to be developed--like connecting to your personal recipe database when in the grocery store.