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Feedback Requested: All About Ratios Project

The "all about ratios" project is ready to move into the next phase of development: user interface. Before we continue, we'd like some help looking for bugs and feedback on the basic interface it already has.

Currently, the learning tool generates a new exercise at the user's request. It also indicates "try again" or "that's right" when the user clicks to select their answer.

Update: Thanks to Phyllis, we've spotted a potential confusion for the user. There are three types of exercises generated by this learning tool: 1) find the unique ratio, 2) find a specific ratio, and 3) find the two ratios that are the same. The confusion could happen when the third type is generated, and the user expects to click once. To help avoid this, we've added one little word to the displayed instruction for the third type of exercise. Instead of "find the rows with the same ratio", it now reads "find the two rows..."


1. give visual feedback; that means if i select a row, I expect it to be "selected". ie. toggle the state of the rows as they are clicked.

2. let most actions be user-initiated; so allow the user to "select" the rows, then click a "check".

- eokyere

Is something supposed to happen when I click on the right answer? Right now, exactly nothing happens when I click on one of the rows, be it a right or a wrong answer. The Build button works, giving me a new question, though.

I dont see the "that's right" or "try again" messages at all when clicking.

Emmanuel---Thanks! There will be two modes for this learning tool: practice and quiz. For the practice mode, we hadn't decided if checking the answer should be automatic or user initiated. I'm leaning more strongly to user initiated, which would make it easier to provide visual feedback.

Dave--What version of the flash player are you using? PC or Mac? Op sys? Thanks!!!