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Advice for new bloggers

Back in September, I posted that my intern (Frances) would be posting about her experiences while learning Flash. Well, that turned out to be more overwhelming than we expected and it never did take off. It was a bit intimidating to jump into an established blog, finding her blog voice was also a challenge, and we never developed a schedule for her posts.

All you bloggers out there, if you'd like to offer some advice, we'd love to read it.


Doesn't have much to do with actually getting into blogging in terms of comfortability factor, but rather your run of the mill advice.


Blogging is easiest if it as extension of your desire to write what you would write in a journal, or share in a conversation with a remote friend, say over email or instant messenger.

If you have to force it, your doing homework. Granted, this is good to destroy writers block, but blogging should be fun and natural, not forced. So, if it feels uncomfortable, wait or find those reasons/justifications.

Anything you can share about learning is valuable to someone, somewhere. You don't just have readers to a blog, but also those who find your entry via search engines and others when searching for specific information; it will and does fill a needed niche.

Jesse, good point about not forcing it. I've been describing it as a journal to lots of people...and that people interested in what you have to say will come and find you. Most people have trouble with that concept, they need to know "what's the audience". Perhaps that comes from our marketing-centered culture. Blogging is more of an art in that it comes from the inspiration of the artist (or sponsor) than from a market study :-)