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Standalone Powerpoint to Flash Converter?

Ok, did I miss something? Or has Macromedia already released a stand-alone Powerpoint to flash converter. Breeze has been able to do this for some time, but I didn't know there was a stand-alone version.

I just got done with a survey from Macromedia--yes I was tempted by the possibility of winning an iPod--and at one point was asked to read a bunch of product descriptions. In among the descriptions was something called Producer: a Powerpoint to Flash converter. Wow! That would be amazingly useful to have.


Could it be that RoboPresenter is going to be resurrected from the dead?

Any chance of a link to that survey? I think I deserve an iPod for all my opinions on Macromedia!

I'm afraid I already cleared out the email the link came in. Sorry. :(