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New GalaxyGoo Blog?

You probably noticed the science theme here on the blog, but do you know what GalaxyGoo's primary mission is? It's to increase science literacy. One way to do that is to create a welcoming environment for exploring math and science.

We're exploring the possibility of adding a new blog; one that you might not expect from us and we'd like your feedback.

There are all kinds of books and kits on learning science through "kitchen experiments". These can be a lot of fun, and we're thinking of exploring this realm on GalaxyGoo. We would combine science experiments with food science and technique. One thought is that we could request recipes from scientists. There are many possibilities, and this could help build a stronger community at GalaxyGoo. After all, what is more basic to a community than food?


Do it! I'll be an avid reader. My mom's a science teacher, and we both love things that blow up (she lit her carpet on fire the last time I visited, thanks to an experiment gone wrong).

As a kid / teenager, I owned a bunch of books on household science, and dissected half the animals on the proverbial ark.