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Location Based Services using Flash

Over at the ArcIMS and ColdFusion Users blog, Kirk posts a request for anyone working with Location Based Services and Flash for Mobile Devices to contact him, but there's no way to comment.

Kirk, I'm researching similar topics for an upcoming project and I'd very much like to see what you dig up. You can contact me at khenry at galaxygoo dot org.



i want also jump into this discussion and i have some ideas how it can works with a little workaround. Please add me in your conversation.

sclaar at mxug dot de

Cheers, Sven


If it isn't a lot of trouble to cc me on that would be greatly appreciated here too, I'm looking into this at the moment, more generally, hooking into J2ME apps with Flash Lite.

There was a discussion of using native GPS (not JSR 179) on the Flash Mobile forums via a symbian app (C++), but I can't seem to find the link now. It has to be possible.

Rich :)