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OT: Fractal Veg

Recently, I lost my cell phone...so now I have a cell phone with a camera, and I'm having fun playing around with it. The image quality is surprisingly good.

Here's one I cropped and optimized in Fireworks before posting it here.

greens.jpg View full image

This may be the coolest vegetable I've ever seen. It's about the same size as broccoli.


it's called broccoli romanesco and is often used as an example of fractal geometry of Nature ;)

Hmm...I'm tempted to write a glib response, but will resist.

wow, i've been living in rome for 31 years and i had no idea there was a romanesco broccoli :) i think it may be called "cavolfiore" here.

I'm not sure since i can't see all of it....

i once saw a fractal documentary where benoit madelbrot himself had one in his hand, and took out small pieces of it to show the auto-similarity concept.

cool pic!

Thanks :-)

I'll add a link to the main post with a popup of the whole image. It really looks like some crazy cross between broccoli and cauliflower. I've seen photos of it countless times. When I saw it in the market, I just had to get it. Looking at it, you can see how Mandelbrot could be inspired.

Check this out! an entire photoset of the very same cool looking veg...