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Adventures with FlashPaper2

After downloading the trial of FlashPaper2, I was very pleased with how easy it was to convert a word document to a swf file. A little reading, and I was loading a FlashPaper2 document right into another swf. Fantastic!

But I've run into a snag. File size. I'll have to do some more research on how to optimize this a bit, since my original Word document was about 20kb and the resulting FlashPaper2 document came in around 60kb. Not too big of a problem if I'm only working with one file, but this adds up quickly if working with several documents.

I hit another snag, but I'll do some more research before posting about it--I'm sure there's a simple solution, that I just haven't seen yet.

I can't wait until I get better at working with FlashPaper, it's amazing! Oh, it could make my life so much easier and open up new possibilities at the same time.


If I convert my existing PDF to SWF with Flashpaper2, will the size be reduced ?

Amit @ http://labnol.blogspot.com

Well, I'm no expert in FlashPaper, that's for sure. This is my first experience with it.

This is the result I got:

Original Word document -- 21kb

Resulting SWF file -- 60kb

Resulting PDF file -- 57kb

So, converting to swf is does not improve file size in this case. Perhaps there is a way to optimize it, but I'm a newbie on this.

The benefit, to me, is that I can now load this swf into my larger project swf, and the user can preview the document and print it out from within my swf...no need to open up word on the user's computer, which may have an older version or an incompatible system.

Im searching for the same answers when it comes to optimising the resulting swfs produced by flashpaper2. It would appear that around 50k of the resulting swf is the embedded components in the swf (ie search tools, page buttons, scroll bars and actionscript etc).

So has anyone managed to shrink a flashpaper swf smaller than 50k ? (try just converting a small blank page to FP and it will still be ~ 50k.

have you tried to convert doc files to pdf first [by adobe acrobat], and then to flashpaper?

i got on my files:
doc->swf: 130k swf
doc->pdf->swf: 76k swf

I am trying to add buttons to flashpaper so I can have popup notes. can you think f a way to do this?