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Coders have more fun with Prime Numbers

Thru Slashdot, I came across a pretty cool article called Fun With Prime Numbers.
From the author:
'This document has absolutely no redeeming social value. The prime number algorithms you find in this document won't break any records. If you want a REALLY fast prime algorithm, they're scattered all over the net.

This document contains a bunch of programs to figure out prime numbers. The first rendition requires 1:23 (one minute 23 seconds) to calculate all primes below ten million. From there, improvements are made, dead ends are explored and backed out of, leading to the final version, which finds all primes below 40 billion in less than 4 hours, and can find all primes below 100 million in less than 13 seconds. From there, if you really enjoy prime numbers, you can venture out on the net to find truly optimized algorithms.

But meantime, have fun!'

The article comes complete with the algorithms coded up in C so you can start number-crunching right away if you want to! Have fun (with prime numbers)!


This is great! I just did a routine for finding small prime numbers.