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Using post-it notes to teach about movie clips in Flash

When I'm learning or teaching something, I like to get visual. Tangible is great, when possible.

Today, I was trying to convey the beauty of nested movie clips. Frances is working on the prototype of the cell learning tool, and she's creating the parts of the cell as movie clips. Each organelle has it's own movie clip, and some of them are nested. We were discussing the benefits of this, when I saw an opportunity to explore one of the benefits of the movie clip: you can create a prototype that you can just plop finished graphics into later.

I took a piece of paper and called it my stage. On my desk, I've got post-it notes of various sizes and colors. I took the larger notes and started giving them names and stuck them to the stage paper. Then I took smaller notes, and gave them names and placed them on the larger notes. When I replaced smaller notes and even removed larger notes on the page, Frances had an "ah-ha!" moment. Gotta love post-it notes.