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Learning OOP in Flash

My quest for OOP nirvana continues. Today, I pulled out an old java book and read the chapter on OOP. It helped a lot, because it was written for an audience with experience in C. Synapses have been firing like crazy, and I'm starting to get more of a deep understanding of how class an subclass really work in OOP.

One statement that really rang bells for me was that using classes is "a way of giving user-defined types the same privileges as types that are built in to the language."

I have a long way to go, but I feel like I'm making progress.

I still have problems with the terminology of superclass and subclass. I found these definitions enlightening:

"class = a data type

extend = to make a new class that inherits the contents of an existing class.

superclass = a parent or "base" class. Superclass is a very poor choice of name as it wrongly suggests the parent class has more than the subclass.

subclass = a child class that inherits, or extends, a superclass"

~Peter van der Linden, just Java, 1997